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Message from our Patron Sr. Noel CMC, the Provincial Superior

While promulgating "The Face of Mercy", the Apostolic Bull of the extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy, the Holy Father Pope Francis exhorted the faithful by stating that "mercy is the very foundation of the Church's life... The time has come for the Church to take up the joyful quality of mercy once more." We are invited to an intense living of this fundamental dimension of our faith. Our focus in this jubilee is on experiencing the life transforming mercy of God and on sharing that experience with all people of good will. Though minimum in quantity, we can reach out to the maximum by making God's mercy visible.

"Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy" (Mt. 5/7).  Mercy is undeserving love and compassion received from others.  As human we have tendencies to be inclined to evil. Our merciful Father knows our weak human nature and is ready to help us in our weakness. God's unconditional love and mercy is pouring over us all the time even without our knowledge. The only power capable of conquering hearts of men and women is the tenderness of God.  To be merciful like our Heavenly Father we have to be compassionate to ourselves and thus share this compassion to others.

Our Founder Fathers shared the compassion of Jesus and sought different ways to be at the service of the people of that time.  The same generosity and self sacrifice which guided them must inspire us to keep alive the charism of our congregation without losing its unique characters. Living witnesses of God's love need to speak a new language, new to our modern world, but as old as Bible itself.  The Pope suggests that we contemplate and adopt mercy as our life style, by not judging or condemning others but forgiving and giving by avoiding selfishness, envy, jealousy, gossip and self righteous attitude.  This Jubilee year may help each one of us to be transformed into a compassionate mother and merciful sister having the mind and heart of Jesus Christ so that we may become living witnesses of the mercy of God.

Pope Francis who spoke about religious life said, "Radicalism is expected from all the Christians, but religious are called to follow Jesus in a special manner by awakening the world and lighting up the future.  God asks us to leave the comfort zone and go out to the frontiers and peripheries of the world avoiding temptations of domesticating them. In the tenderness of our hearts, in the gentleness of our touch, in the broadness of our smiles, in the calm of our lives, in the courage of our witness, in the pains we suffer, in the laughter we enjoy and in the difficulties we endure we continue to remind the people that our true and lasting home lies nowhere other than the Kingdom of God to which our lives point.  

Mercy involves three things: understanding, compassion and upliftment. Only when we have walked in the person's shoes through understanding, then we have compassion and later we lead them up to upliftment. Mercy is a chief characteristic of God, a key aspect in the ministry of Jesus, and a central foundation in the mission of the church. "The Lord asks us above all not to judge and not to condemn, and to be instruments of mercy" (The Face of Mercy 14). So let us become sisters who have a pure vision, a transparent soul, and a joyful face.  

The world in which the Lord calls to carry out our mission has become extremely complicated. The irreversible hybridization of technology brings closer what is distant sadly however it also distances what should be close. Be vigilant so that your vision will not be darkened by the gloomy mist of worldliness, do not allow yourselves to be corrupted by trivial materialism or by the seductive illusion of underhanded agreements, do not place your faith in the "chariots and horses" of today's Pharaohs, for our strength is in "the pillar of fire" which divides the sea in two, without much fanfare (cf. Ex.14:24-25).

I appreciate and thank Sr. Anupa, the Editorial Board members and everyone who generously contributed their mite to bring out this new issue of Carmel Pratibha with novelty and uniqueness.

Dear sisters, as we enter into the Easter joy of God's mercy let us re-discover the meaning of our great responsibility to become the sign and instrument of His mercy. Let this holy season be a time to experience and share God's abiding love and tender care and may you be abundantly blessed by the Risen Lord!! HAPPY  EASTER !!


Sr. Noel CMC

Provincial Superior

Mount Carmel Province


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