First Profession     
Final Profession
20th June 1941
24th April 1962
24th April 1965
12th June 1996

Dennis was born on 20th June 1941 in a well known family at Moozhoor Parish in the Diocese of Pala, Kerala. She was the sixth child of God fearing parents Mr.Thomas and Mrs.Thresiamma Thulumpanmackal. Her baptismal name was Aleykutty. Little Alekutty grew in wisdom and understanding.

 She did her schooling at St.Josephs school Mattakkara.  She was a very brilliant student. After completing her high school studies, she expressed her great desire to become a Carmelite nun.  She joined in St.Josephs Convent Paipadu belonging to Holy Queens Province Changanacherry.  The zealous and spirit filled young virgin started to bloom in the garden of Carmel and made her first profession on 24th April 1962 at the age of twenty one. Just after the first profession she was sent to West Germany for her nursing studies.  In 1965 she came back to India for the final profession.  On 24th 1965 she made her perpetual commitment to our Lord. She continued her studies in Germany.  After completing her studies, she returned to Kerala and started her apostolic activities. She has contributed much to our congregation and Holy Mother Church through her selfless service and dedicated life. She always lived the charism and spirit of our congregation.  Her apostolic field was far and wide.  She had been a member of St.Josephs Convent Paipadu, Muhamma Convent, K.C.M. Hospital Nooranadu, Holy Queens and Kainakary. She had also worked in Germany for long 14 years at Speyen, Bunge Brach Leimen. She was the superior of St. Marys Convent Etawah from 1977-1981 and 1985-1990, Carmel Convent Ratanpur, Bhopal from 1990-1993 and Dev Matha Ashram Malikhedi, Ujjain from 1995 June 1996. Sr. Dennis was the first Superior of Ratanpur Convent and she had taken much trouble to make the convent a self sufficient one.  She had a keen interest in village welfare activities and she used to visit villages far and near. Through her constant prayers, instructions and guidance, many villagers were able to lead a good family life.  She devoted her time and talents for the upliftment of women.

Being the superior of Dev Matha Ashram Malikhedi Sr. Dennis decided to go to the mission stations along with other sisters and fathers. She appeared to be most happy and contented on that day. On 8th June while they were going to Harshodan by a jeep, a huge truck came and hit against the right side of the jeep where Sr. Dennis was seated. Her head was badly injured and she fell down inside the jeep unconsciously. Immediately she was taken to Chovitram Hospital Indore. The brain operation was done; but she could never regain her consciousness. On the fourth day of the accident (12thJune 1996) at 5.00 p.m. she left for her heavenly abode. Her body was buried in the cemetery chapel near the Cathedral Church at Ujjain. Sr. Dennis was a very prayerful, authentic, simple and hardworking sister. May her soul rest in peace!


First Profession     
Final Profession
26th June 1935
18th May 1956
18th May 1959
4th Oct.1997


Sr.Rose Joseph was born on 26th June 1935 at Veliyanadu in the popular Nalpathamkalam family in the Archdiocese of Changanacherry. She was the eleventh child of God fearing parents Kuncheria and Rosamma. She had eleven brothers and two sisters including an IBMV nun. After completing her S.S.L.C., the young and zealous Thankamma joined the C.M.C. congregation at Changanacherry at the age of seventeen. This young virgin made her first profession on 18th May 1956 and became Sr. Rose Joseph. The enthusiastic future missionary did her Hindi Vidwan and I.T.T. at Trippunithara in Ernakulam. She made her perpetual profession on 18th May 1959. After her final profession she rendered selfless service in the field of education at Mithrakary, Nedumkunnam, Paipadu, Thiruvalla, Amboori, Inchiany, Kanjirappally, Vazhappalli and Malikhedi. As a faithflul steward, she led the communities at Mithrakary, Ujjain and Ratanpur for a long period.

She was modest, simple, sensitive and spotless like a child. This Carmelite nun lived the C.M.C. charism and spirituality in its true sense and thus she enjoyed the fruits of Carmel. She recognized her specific mission and took a brave step with a determined determination. She came to North Indian mission at Malikhedi in Ujjain in 1986 and served the poor village folk for two years. This newborn missionary sensed the need of the C.M.C. mission and as a result she made a life long option for mission. She had done wonderful and marvelous work in the mission within the short period of time.

While she was on her way to Kerala by K.K. Express to meet her ailing brother, she fainted and became unconscious for half an hour near Coimbatore station on 4th Oct. at 5.30 a.m. She was given medical care at Palakkadu station and was advised to consult a doctor immediately after reaching destination. Two good and noble ladies called Omana Pillai and Radha Nair who were entrusted to take care of her during her journey, willingly and generously nursed her. As the train reached Kottayam station, she stood up and walked towards the door with the help of two ladies. Suddenly she said that she was having giddiness and co-passengers carried her to the railway platform. She was taken to the Medical Center Hospital immediately with the help of the stationmaster, but on the way to the hospital she breathed her last at 2.30 p.m. As soon as this sad news reached Carmel Sadan, Thellakom Sr. Johnsy Mathews rushed to the hospital. In the evening her mortal body was taken to the Caritas Hospital mortuary.

Sr.Ancilla, Vice Provincial Superior, Sr.Regis, Asst.Vice Provincial Superior, Sr. Celestine, Sr. Magi, Sr. Annie Jose, Sr. Regina Mary, Sr. Silvy and Sr. Pavithra left for Kerala for the funeral. On 7th Oct. 1997, in the presence of many priests, sisters, brothers and relatives, her body was buried in Pushpagiri Church cemetry Thellakom in Kottayam, Kerala.

Her exemplary life, complete trust in the divine providence, spirit of prayer and silence, fidelity to the congregation and to her own vocation, love for the poor and children have always inspired everybody. May her soul rest in peace!


First Profession     
Final Profession
28th Feb.1949
21st April 1969
21st April 1974
12th April 1999


Sr.Dona Maria was born on 28th April 1949 as the first child of God fearing parents Mrs. Annamma and Mr. Devasia of Anchupankil family at Nedumanny in the Archdiocese of Changanacherry. She had two brothers and three sisters including two C.M.C. sisters, Sr. Ancilin (Bpl) and Sr. Saly (Chy). In baptism she received the name Mary and grew up before men and God in love, knowledge and goodness. She was attracted towards the dedicated and exemplary life of the C.M.C. sisters of Nedumkunnam Convent while she was a student in Mary Immaculate School. After completing her schooling on 1st June 1966, responding to the whisperings of her Divine Master, she entered Carmel, surrendering herself as a complete offering to Him. She made her first profession on 21st April 1969 and final commitment on 21st April 1974 as a member of Holy Queens Province, Changanacherry.

To follow her Divine Master more closely and to trace Him in all His goodness and to do all types of good works He has performed, especially to serve the sick and suffering, she joined the Holy Family Hospital Delhi for studying General Nursing. She completed her nursing studies successfully in 1976. She joined as a staff nurse at St. Ritas Hospital Paipadu and later on at St. Antonys Hospital Kainakary. In recognition of her best performance as a nurse, superiors sent her for hospital administration course in R.A.K. hospital Delhi. After completing the course, she served North Indian mission houses at Kusidia and Ratanpur. A great part of her life in Carmel was spent at Kusidia, a remote tribal village in the diocese of Balasore, Orissa. Sr. Donnas life at Kusidia was full of challenges. She was running M.C.H programme, Mahila Mandals, Balawadies, Mobile Clinics dispensary etc. Though Sr. Donna was professionally a nurse, she worked for the all round developments of the people by taking care of their health and hygiene, economical, social, educational and spiritual needs. In North Indian mission she found a lot of occasions and opportunities to serve the poor and downtrodden. She made a life long option for the mission.

She served the province in the capacities of Regional councillor, local superior, nurse, social worker etc. Sr. Dona was a strict disciplinarian as far as religious life and apostolate was concerned. Observances of the Constitutions, Directives and the instructions of the superiors in letter and in spirit was her first priority. As a superior at Kainakary, Ratanpur and Kusidia she motivated others also to do the same. She was a true contemplative in actions. Sr. Dona loved the congregation and the province very dearly. She had a vision and a dream for the province. With her enthusiasm, initiative and optimism, she made many contributions towards the growth of the region. Carmel Convent Ratanpur constructed under the leadership of Sr. Dona when she was the regional councillor and the superior remains as a perfect example of her hard work, striving after perfection, determination and dedication. Her selfless service was also extended to CEROWC (Cyriac Elias Rural Organization for Women and Children) about four years. Like a true Carmelite, Sr. Dona loved the church immensely. She always extended her full co-operation to the parish priest for the pastoral activities. 

While she was working at Kusidia, she suffered from continuous cough. In April 1998, she was taken to Kerala, Carmel Sadan, Thellakom for a thorough medical check up. Medical tests proved that she was cruelly attacked by cancer in her lungs. She accepted this disease cheerfully and calmly. She offered her pains and sufferings with that of Jesus passion and death. In her sickness, she never made any complaint; instead always she had a thankful heart and smiling face towards all those who served and nursed her. After a year of noble suffering, she bid farewell to all of us on 12th April 1999 at 4:55 p.m in Carmel Sadan Thellakom. Her mortal body was buried on 15th April 1999 at Pushpagiri Church Thellakom in the presence of her superiors, parents, brothers, sisters, relatives and parishioners.

Sr. Dona enriched the life of Mount Carmel Province by her selfless love, dedicated service, absolute sincerity and adherence to the spirit of the congregation. She was soft, sensitive, gentle and generous. Honesty and sincerity, the outstanding qualities of Sr.Donas life, were evident in all her relationships as well as in her deeds. May her soul rest in the shores of eternity and sing the praises of her Beloved Master forever.


First Profession     
Final Profession
 24th April 1942
  24th April 1962
   24th May 1965
  27th July 2015


“For since we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so, through Jesus, God will bring with him those who have died.”  (1Thes.4:14)

Sr. Bridget was born to the God-fearing parents, Aype and Annakkutty of Mampilly House, Njarackal parish in the diocese of Eranakulam in Kerala on April 24th 1942.  Her baptismal name was Reetha. She entered Carmel and professed the first vows on April 24th, 1962 and final vows on 24th May 1965. She has completed her Nursery Teachers Training at Arpookara and rendered her service as a teacher in Alappuzha, Ithithanam, Kanjirappally, Vezhapra and Ayroor of Changanacherry Province. Sr. Bridget had a great desire to go to a faraway place as a missionary. Her desire was fulfilled when she was sent to Bhopal, the first mission station of Changanacherry Province in North India in July 1968.

The demise of Sr. Bridget, the pioneer missionary of our province was quite unexpected; the void created her absence cannot be filled by anything or anyone else. We gratefully acknowledge all her valuable contributions to the birth, growth and development of our province as a pioneer missionary.  During her 53 years of religious life she served the province in various capacities like Local Superior, Junior Mistress, Headmistress and a teacher par excellence. Her ever smiling face, gentle behavior, all embracing love and hospitality, readiness to shoulder the responsibilities, availability to respond to the needs of others and above all her undeterred determination and great zeal that compelled her to live and die for the people of Africa cannot be forgotten.

In the ministry of education she was a beacon to the entire fraternity of school community. She enjoyed a delightful rapport with the students, staff and parents.  For most of the students of that time, she was their first teacher as Class Teacher of K.G. I. She had served the Province in the capacity of Provincial Councilor, Junior Mistress, Superior of our convents in Bhopal, Balasore, Etawah and Pachmari. She had an adorable place in the school as K.G. Headmistress mentoring and monitoring teachers and children. She enjoyed the company of K.G. kids and interacted with them joyfully. She had always been a cheerful giver.

She was a religious of indomitable spirit of total commitment and loyalty to her divine call. An air of simplicity was always around her and all those who came in contact with her appreciated her humility, gentleness, generosity, openness and passion for the mission. Her burning zeal for the salvation of souls and ardent love for the poor and marginalized which was the hall mark of her personality traits, prompted her to identify herself with them in her simple life style. 

The inspiring words of St. Paul “I become all things to all, so that I might gain all for Christ” led her to take a firm decision to opt for the vineyard of the Lord in the African continent for the past 20 years. She left for Somalia in 1985 and returned in 1991. She continued her sojourn to Tanzania in 2001 and served the African Mission heroically till her last breath.  Yes, ‘unless the grain of wheat falls on the ground and die, it cannot produce fruit’. The life and death of Sr. Bridget was a true testimony to this Word of God.  Her life was offered for the people of Africa and her mortal remains became a part of its soil.  Fulfillment of a great dream, a supreme act of Love!

 After her treatment for the Gallbladder and visiting the mission stations in Bhopal she left to Kerala on 25th June and left to CMC Chavara Regional House at Africa on 18th July 2015.  On 27th July early morning Sr. Reetha the Regional Superior of Africa called Mother Noel, the Provincial Superior and told that Sr. Bridget fainted and fell down in her room and has been taken to the hospital and admitted in ICU. On medical examination it was found out that her heart was weak and she might require the assistance of the pace maker. But around 4.45 a.m. a second call came from Mother Sancta, the Superior General informing that Sr. Bridget is no more. Considering the great desire of the zealous missionary Sr. Bridget, the funeral was held at Tanzania, Africa on 30th July 2015 and her mortal remains at Carmel Noviciate House, Tanzania.   May her soul rest in peace! n style='font:7.0pt "Times New Roman"'>         Aiming at the holistic cure and family wellbeing of the patients, sisters conduct weekly prayer sessions in the houses of our patients, and Superior Sr. Soona takes special interest in it. Every member of Villa Carmel family is a part of this ministry and the names of the patients are displayed in turn daily in front of the altar and the community prays for them regularly. 

5. Sr. Mary Celestine CMC

First Profession     
Final Profession
15th Dec.1932
19th May 1954
19th May  1957
30th June 2018

 “ we have been buried with Christ by baptism into death, so that just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the father, so we too  might walk in the newness of life.”(Rom.6:4)

Sr. Mary Celestine was born to the God fearing parents, Devasyachan and Rosamma of Palathara house at Chethipuzha parish in the Archdiocese of Changanacherry in Kerala on 15th December 1932. Her baptismal name was Mariamma. This Marian devotee, by responding to God’s call, entered Carmel and committed herself totally to God on 19th May 1954 and perpetually dedicated herself on 19th May 1957. After completing Nursing and midwifery from Patna, she has served the sick and suffering in different hospitals at Kanjirapally, Podimattam, Ithithanam, Nooranadu, KCM hospital, Muhamma Lake View, Paloorkavu and at Netta.

 “Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, whom shall I send and who will go for us? And I said, Here am I send me. (Is. 6:8). Enkindled by these prophetic invitation Sr. Celestine has left Kerala and devoted herself completely to sow the seeds of love, peace and compassion in the fertile land of North India in 1987. She has started her mission work in the tribal areas in and around Kusudia in Orissa and spread the fragrance of her service to Deepdi, Etawah, and Kamed.  Her vibrant and spirit filled nature has enflamed many lives and reformed them.

  The one who is luminous only can illumine others. In the ministry of healing she was like a lamp set on a hill-top, spreading the rays to allay the miseries and sufferings of the poor people. During her 56 years of religious life she has served Bhopal mission for 31 years in various capacities like Local superior and a nurse par excellence. She has spent one year of prayer at Sanjoe Bhavan Karukutty to recharge and revitalize her.  Her jovial nature, all embracing love and hospitality, readiness to shoulder the responsibilities, availability to respond to the needs of others, and above all she was a zealous missionary who alleviated the darkness of many tribal areas.

    The demise of Sr. Celestine a loyal missionary of our province, was quite disconsolate. The vacuum created by her absence cannot be filled by anything or anyone else. We gratefully remember all her prized contributions to the building up of our province. She was a religious of invincible spirit of total commitment and loyalty to her divine call. Her blazing passion for mission and salvation of souls were noteworthy. Her loving and caring nature for others is meritorious. She had an ardent love for the poor and the marginalized, which evoked her to break the shell of safety to reach out to the periphery and bore witness to Christ.

  The motivating words from the book of Isaiah, “the spirit of the Lord is upon me, he has sent me to bring good news to the oppressed, to build up the broken hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives”, has strengthened her to risk her life for Jesus and his kingdom. She has completed her duties in an exceptional way. Her life is a fulfilment of words from proverbs 31:29 “Many women have done excellently but you surpass them all”.  

  After 20 years of renowned service she was leading restful life at Carmel Sadan, Thellokom since 2007. Even the flowers and trees there has a lot to tell about her, to tell the story of care and affection. With fond of love and endearment she served her sisters and was very sensitive to the needs of others. On 27th February 2018 around 9.30 pm she had unsteadiness and was diagnosed to have an acute stroke. She was bedridden for four months. It was too wonderful to experience her care and love even in her sick bed. After completing her sojourn on this earth she had set her journey towards heaven on 30th June 2018 at 9.15 am. Her funeral was conducted on 3rd July 2018. Her mortal   remains was laid to rest at Pushpagiri church, Thellokom. May her soul enjoy the eternal bliss.

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