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Chavara Palliative

Chavara Palliative Care Centre, Kolar, Bhopal

In the modern era, neglecting the old, weak and the vulnerable has become the way of the world. In view of such disheartening trend of the society we ventured into a new apostolic field of caring the destitute, the terminally ill and the dying. Chavara Palliative Care Centre, Kolar was blessed on 23rd April 2014 and currently the centre gives thrust to ‘home palliative care’. The palliative care team visits the patients and provides nursing care to the bed ridden patients in their home on a regular basis. Our main beneficiaries are paralytic bed ridden patients with bed sores, boils and other such ailments, and the people who are battling with their fatal diseases like cancer, chronic T.B etc. More than 30 patients hailing from different areas and belonging to different castes and age group, benefit from our home to home service. We provide geriatric care and spiritual assistance for the ailing elderly, and prepare them for a peaceful and dignified death. Besides the medical assistance given to the bed-ridden patients in the houses, as desired by the hospital authorities of Khushilal Ayurvedic Govt. Hospital, Kolar, the sisters regularly visit the patients there and pray for them, and take care of those with bed- sores and boils.

Functioning of the Centre Family Visit and survey is done in order to identify the patients especially the terminally ill and the paralyzed.

·         The palliative care team visits the patients and provides nursing care (cleaning, dressing the wounds, medical check-up, physio- therapy, counselling, providing nutrition etc.) in consultation with the doctors who treat them. (Everything will             be done only after getting the needed consent from the closest relatives).

·         In case the patients are in a neglected condition in the family, their soiled garments are collected for washing and returned to them.

·         If admission is essential, the patients are taken to hospitals and the required medication and treatment are given.

·         Doctors are called in for the periodical field visit.

·         The semi-paralytic patients who improve their health with the help of physio-therapy are given assistance to obtain support systems like wheel chair, crutches, artificial limbs etc. through govt. schemes from the government               rehabilitation centers.

·         The Chavara Palliative Care Centre organizes classes, counselling and prayer sessions periodically for the patients who are able to commute to our center, and for their family members. There is a fraternal net-working among the families of our patients, and they visit and help each other in their needs. Some of them are extremely generous and active and they act as ‘Chavara Palliative Associates’.     

·        Aiming at the holistic cure and family wellbeing of the patients, sisters conduct weekly prayer sessions in the houses of our patients, and Superior Sr. Soona takes special interest in it. Every member of Villa Carmel family is a part  of this ministry and the names of the patients are displayed in turn daily in front of the altar and the community prays for them regularly. 


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