Short History of Houses and Description of Apostolate

Since the erection of the Province in 1995, Carmel Convent B.H.E.L. was the office of the Province. The Provincial superior was staying there and Council meetings were held there. As the years passed by the work of the Province was increasing. Since there was no convenience for the administration of the Province and the accommodation of the sisters for conducting course and seminars, it was a felt need of the province to have a separate house and to shift the provincialate community from Carmel. Besides, Mother General during her canonical visitation also suggested the same. Since we had our school at Baghmugalia many of our well wishers encouraged our sisters to shift the provincialate to that place. Finally the Provincial council consisting of Sr. Regis, (Provincial) Sr. Gladys ( Asst. Provincial), Sr.Noel, Sr. Gracil and Sr. Jessy Maria decided to take a rented house close to our land bought for the provincialate. Thus, the house of Mr. Srivasthava, a native of Bhopal was taken for Rs. 4000/- per month. The blessing of the house was done by the Archbishop Pascal Topno at 4.p.m. on 12th December 1999. The Mother Provincial along with Sr. Pushpa (Finance Officer) Sr. Pavithra (Secretary) Sr. Soumya and Sr. Suchitha shifted to the rented house. Meanwhile the construction of the provincialate was started under the supervision of Sr. Pushpa. Rev. Fr. Sebastian Thekkeattom M.S.T. was requested to help us in the construction of the Chapel. After a year, Sr. Bridget and Sr. Naveena from Carmel B.H.E.L also joined the community.

The provincial and her team of Councillors managed the administration of the province in the rented house for more than one year. After the third Provincial election, on12th December 2000, new Provincial team was formed. 

On 19th October 2001, the community shifted to the new Provincialate building still under construction. In the presence of Mother Fidelis, the Superior General and the local superiors, Rt. Rev. Dr. Pascal Topno blessed the House on 20th October 2001 and Mother general conducted the first canonical visitation in the Provincialate. Sr. Roslitta was appointed the House Superior. We Praise and thank the Lord for the countless blessings He has been showering up on us from its very inception.

Mount Carmel School, Baghmugalia -1999  
Almighty has opened a new door before us in Baghmugalia, Bhopal to bear witness to His beloved Son Jesus, to illumine many hearts, to enkindle the minds and dispel the darkness from the lives of the people around through educational activities. It was due to the repeated request of the Housing Board Commissioner Mr. Antony De Sa , Bhopal Commissioner Mr. Wilfred Lakhra and the people of the locality, the sisters thought of opening an educational institution at Baghmugalia. Since Mt. Carmel Province has already two Schools in Bhopal, the provincial council was reluctant to open one more school in Bhopal. But Govt. officials were approaching us frequently. So Sr. Regis and her team of councillors decided to purchase the plot allotted for us by the Housing Board on concessional rate. Registration of the land was on 8th January with the special intercession of Mother of Carmel. We place on record our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Antony De Sa for his selfless service

Adjacent to our plot a building was taken on rent for starting K.G. classes. On 2nd March 1999, the rented building was blessed by the Archbishop Pascal Topno in the presence of Rev. Fr. Scaria, V.G,and Fr. Thomas Panackal, Procurator in addition to our sisters. School was named as Mount Carmel School. Admission started to the K.G. classes on 17th March. Sr. Gladys, Sr. Noel, Sr. Jyothi, Sr. Suma, Sr. Arpitha and aspirants taught there in the initial stage. At the re-opening of the school on 7th July 1999, Sr. Pushpa was appointed the H.M. and Sr. Bridget, Sr. Soumya and Sr. Suchitha were appointed as the teaching staff. Sisters stayed in Carmel B.H.E.L. and reached Baghmugalia everyday to run the school. The new building for the Provincialate was also started under the leadership of Sr. Pushpa. Meanwhile, the first rented house was given up and the school was shifted to the residence of the sisters. The new school building is being built under the supervision of Sr. Lyza, the Finance Officer.

The first mission centre in Orissa was started at Balasore which was a former trade centre of the English East India company. It was in response to the invitation of Monsgr. Jacob Vadakeveettil, the Apostolic prefect of Balasore prefecture, that our sisters entered the missionary activities in Orissa. The pioneer group that reached Balasore in the year 1973 consisted of Sr. Alice, Sr. Modesta and Sr. Vijaya (Kply). An English Medium School (I.C.S) was started under the management of the Balasore prefecture and it was called St. Vincents School and the convent also got the same name. Attached to the convent a hostel for lady teachers also was started.

The entire administration of St. Vincent School is given to the sisters and they work hard for the all round development of the students. The institution is known for its academic excellence and discipline. In addition to that they involve in social service activities and help the priests in the parish works. The silver jubilee of this first mission station in Orissa was celebrated in the year 1998.

Bandka is a very remote village in Ghattia Tahshil in between Devmatha Ashram Malikhedi and St. Pauls Convent, two of our mission stations in Ujjain. Our sisters from these communities and from Carmel Dham used to go to Bandka for village visit. Constant contact with the people who suffer untold miseries made our sisters to conduct a survey to know their need and the possibilities of starting more apostolic activities. It was found that the level of literacy was very low in compared to the city. Therefore, the sisters burning with the zeal of love for the poor decided to be broken and shared for the people around them. Sr. Emily, Sr. Silvi. Sr. Dhanya and Sr. Jessin were the pioneers.

With the blessing of the Provincial council, they started a Hindi Medium School in the hut of one of the villagers. For this the sisters paid him some amount as rent. Children, both boys and girls, were admitted to Nursery and K.G Classes and Sr.Dhanya, a member of the Carmel Dham community who has been very much interested in village upliftment, agreed to be the H.M. Later on, the school was christened as Carmel Vidyalaya. The spirit of the villagers was boosted and they began to welcome and support the sisters wholeheartedly. As the number of the students increased, the school functioned in the courtyard on the road side. Very Rev. Fr. Kurian Valamangalam( M.S.T.) who has been leading contemplative life in Bandhka village, gave one of the huts of his Mar Sleeba Ashram for taking class for the students. From the very beginning he gave whole hearted support for the development of this mission station. 

In the mean time, the Provincial council managed to buy some land in Bandka with the help and guidance of Very rev. Fr. Kuriam Valiyamangalam and a temporary shed was built for the smooth running of the institution. On 20th July 2000, the School started running at Bandka. Sr. Dhanya, together with one of her companions (Sr. Suchitha, Sr. Serene, Sr. Alphonse, Sr. Ancit & Sr. Chaithanya) continued to reach the school from Carmel Dham. Constrction of the School building commenced without much delay under the supervision of Sr. Dhanya. The work at Bandka involved several problems and trials. Due to the lack of proper road and conveyance, progress was taking the snails pace. Our sisters used to wait on the road for hours together to catch a bus going through Ujjain. On 1st October 2001 the present new school building was blessed by Mar John Perumattom, the Bishop (emeritus) of Ujjain. Both the Bishops of Ujjain, Mar John Perumattom and Mar. Sebastian Vadakkel were very much interested in the growth of this mission station. The paternal blessings of the Bishops and the unceasing support and loving guidance of Very Rev. Fr. Kurian Valamangalam and the assistance of Asst. Vicar Fr. George Pottanani contributed a lot in the realization of the dream of establishing a mission station in Bandhka.

The sisters serving in Bandka were staying in Carmel Dham for want of sufficient personnel as well as security in such a lonely place as Bandka. From June 2004 Sr. Betty and Sr. Hitha joined Bandhka community and toiled hard for the mission station both in the running of the school and in completing the work of the school building so that the sisters can start living there. Sr. Deepa and Sr. Jessin also had their contribution in doing the mobile clinic with Sr. Ancit in the remote places of the village.

At last the long awaited day Aug 20th 2005 reached with all its graces and blessings. On that day at 3.00 p.m. the 16th house of Mount Carmel Province, Carmel Jyoti was blessed and inaugurated by Bishop Mar Sebastian Vadakkel in the presence of Mother Assumpta, the Provincial Superior and her councilors, Sr. Regis, the former Provincial, Sr. Ancilla and a good number of sisters from our Ujjain and Bhopal communities, Rev. Fathers and sisters from Ujjain Diocese and the people of Bandhka village.

We praise and thank the Lord for the manifold blessings God has showered upon us and may the members of Carmel Jyoti be guided and protected by the powerful hands of the Almighty.

It was the long cherished dream of the sisters of Mount Carmel Province, Bhopal to open another convent in the diocese of Balasore. Rt. Rev. Dr. Thomas Thiruthalil, Bishop of Balasore expressed his desire to start a convent and a school in the newly erected Bhadrak district. He also gave us his consent to conduct the school under our own management. Then onwards we have been looking for a plot of land to begin the school. Mr. David, Principal of Sunshine School, Bhadrak and the manager, Tharini Sugar Mills also encouraged us to open the school.

Even though Bhadrak was under Balasore Diocese there were no church institutions or schools. Before it became a district, always there were communal clashes between Hindus and Muslims. More over there were so many other English medium schools in the town. Hence it was not that easy to get students for our school. Above all these, our Hindu brethren were so suspicious about Christianity and our activities. Under these circumstances our sisters ventured to step into the soil of Bhadrak to start the first Catholic institution there.

With the help of Mr. Aboni Kumar Padher we have purchased 4.50 acres of land near Jehhapur, about 5 kms away from the town. This 4.50 acres of land belonged to different parties. So it took a lot of time for registration. Bishop Thomas Thiruthalil had granted us 5 lakhs as a loan for purchasing the plot. Rev. Fr. Joseph Kureekal also helped us in our financial needs.

During the super cyclone, which hit 2/3rd of Orissa in November 1999 we could co-operate with the relief programme of the Diocese in Bhadrak district too. Fathers and sisters from Balasore came for relief work and stayed in a Govt. School. With the consent of the district administration they extended their service in different villages in and around Bhadrak and thus they could get an entry into these places, get to know the mind of the people. As we had a plan to open a school in this area, Rev. Fr. Isaac, the secretary to Bishop in consultation with our Provincial superior Sr. Regis rented a house at Salandi Nagar. Bishop Thomas Thiruthalil blessed the house on 18th Nov. 1999. Gradually the fathers and sisters who were doing the relief work at Govt. School was shifted to our building and continued their relief work till Dec.1999

The convent was formally inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Jacob Kallupurackal, Vicar General of the Diocese on 10th February 2000. Sr. Regis, Provincial Superior, Sr. Ursula, Fr. Jury S.J, Fr. Paul Kunnumpurath, Sisters of St. Vincents Convent, Balasore and Jaya Matha Convent, Kusidia and sisters from other congregations from Balasore Diocese were also present on this happy occasion. During the holy Mass Rev. Fr. V.G. reminded the sisters of our great responsibility as the prior missionaries in the Bhadrak district and exhorted us to bear witness to the love of Christ through our words, actions and by our own lives. Sr. Ursula, Sr. Liza James and Sr. Modesta were the first community members.

After the reorganization of States a newly carved state of Madhya Pradesh was on the development march. A major step in this direction was the establishment of the B.H.E.L factory in Bhopal. With the factory a Township sprang up and along with other requirements an acute need was felt for a good educational institution. Consequently the B.H.E.L authorities approached the then Archbishop of Bhopal, Most Rev. Dr. Eugene DSouza for assistance. His Grace invited the C.M.C sisters of Changanacherry province to start a school in B.H.E.L Township. Accepting the invitation, the major superiors came to Bhopal for a preliminary survey. Convinced of the genuine need and the rich possibilities they went back satisfied and with the firm decision to start a school at Bhopal. The pioneer team of sisters Cyriac, Alice (Kadathukalam) and Medona together with the Provincial councillor Sr. Martin reached Bhopal on 28thJune, 1968. After a month Sr. Bridget also joined them. Everything had to start from scratch and a big question was from where to begin in a strange land and culture.

Hostel No.5 in Piplani in the Township was given over to the sisters as their residence. It was inaugurated on 3rd July 1968. Sr. Martin returned to Kerala. On the advice of the Archbishop the sisters of St. Joseph of Chamberry stayed with the new comers guiding and assisting in every possible way. Rev. Mother Margaret Mary, the Provincial Superior of St. Josephs Sisters appointed Sr. Joan of Arc and Sr. Christopher to render all round help. It was extremely kind of them to have stayed with our pioneer members one year inspiring them in all possible ways. Right through the difficult years of our infancy we were sustained by the unfailing and encouraging support and sacrifice of those sisters. Their assistance and co-operation is remembered with gratitude. After completing the task of guidance and training and after overcoming the teething problems the Josephites entrusted the work of administering the new institution to the C.M.C sisters with Sr. Cyriac taking over as the principal from Sr. Joan of Arc.

The school a co-ed then, started functioning in the year 1968 as a branch of St. Josephs Convent School Idga Hills in the name of St. Josephs Carmel Convent School with Sr. Joan of Arc as the first principal. On 3rd Aug. 1970 5 acres of land was acquired on a lease of 30 years for the construction of the school building in the B.H.E.L Township. Besides the Archbishop the authorities of the B.H.E.L and some of our parents gave their full support. On October 8th 1970 the foundation stone for the school was laid by the Archbishop. The structure developed and finished under the supervision and help of the Archbishop, the Vicar General Fr. Cicil De Sa, and Sr. Barbara, the then provincial treasurer of the Changanacherry Province. The hard work put in by Sr. Alice to complete the school building is praise worthy.

On 28th Dec. 1971 the school was shifted to the new building in BHEL area. From then on for four years Sr. Cyriac served the institution as the Principal and the superior. On completion of her term she returned to Kerala. There after Sr. Ephrem, Sr. Milani, Sr. Rose Carmel. Sr. Regis, Sr. Ancilla and Sr. Noel served as principals. As the school ground was not spacious enough to make play ground the BHEL was good enough to grant the sisters 7 more acres of land as sports ground in 1983. The school celebrated momentous Silver jubilee in the year 1992-93 when Sr. Ancilla was the Principal. A Jubilee Memorial Hall was also built. Through the years the school steadily developed to become a full-fledged Senior Secondary School with classes KG I to Std. XII . The total strength of the school is around 4000 with 145 staff including teaching and non- teaching. The school has a well equipped Science Laboratory, Computer Lab. and library. In order to give special care and concern to small children a junior block was constructed and the primary and KG are shifted to the new building in 1999. Besides a multi purpose hall was also constructed in the school premises with the arrival of the third millenium. Besides the academic opportunities offered to the students, the school also provides scope for the complete development of the young personalities. They are trained and equipped to face the growing multiple challenges of a complex life. They learn to explore and to bring forth their latent talents and skills. For many years its students have fanned out in different walks of life, bringing laurels to their almamater. The most precious gift imparted to them is a value based education which will be a protective shield to them and will enable them to be responsible and worthy citizens of our mother land. Under the guidance of the principal the staff and students have been actively participating in humanitarian and value oriented programme such as jail ministry, promotion of echo-friendly environment. As a recognition of the out standing performance of school the prestigious Priya Darshini award was conferred on Sr.Reji, the principal, in 2002.

This institution, while catering to the needs of the privileged, has deep concern for the poor and under developed brethren of the slum, specially the children. Our sisters have been conducting adult education classes, prayer gatherings, health and hygiene sessions for the women folk of the slum area and helped the Balavadi in Anand Nagar slum. A Hindi Medium School running in the after noon under our management has got 800 children from the nearby slums. All these children are getting free education and the same facilities of the English Medium School. Today Carmel, BHEL stands as one of the premier educational institutions in Bhopal.


If the Lord does not build the house in vain do its builders labour (Ps. 127).

St. Theresa of child Jesus said, The God who creates a desire in your hearts gives you the grace to fulfill it. The CEROWC (Cyriac Elias Rural Organisation for Women and Children) was established as a charitable organization for women and children dedicated to our Founder Father Bl. Kuriakose Elias Chavara, a centre to promote the development of women and children especially in rural situation through various services. It was long cherished desire of Sr. Magi Maria who has been inspired to serve humanity in a unique way. This organization had its humble beginning at Ratanpur in a small room adjoin to the Carmel School in the year 1991, 3rd January with the blessing of our heavenly patron Blessed Chavara. Sr. Magi and Sr. Dennis were the pioneers in this work assisted by a nurse Lizy Thomas and driver Mujeeb uddin For seven and a half years they implemented their programmes from Ratanpur in 18 villages with the assistance of Karl Kubel Stefteng, Germany.As the workload increased and the number of target got spread far, it was difficult to function from Ratanpur. Hence the sisters requested the MISEREOR to help them construct a small building at Deepdi. The request was granted generously and part of the present office was constructed and it was inaugurated by Sr. Benicasia, the then superior General and was blessed by Pascal Topno, the Archbishop of Bhopal in 1996. Gradually CEROWC office was shifted to Deepdi and sisters stayed at Ratanpur till June 1998.

The work for the liberation of women and children flourished very fast with the assistance of Karl Kubel, Stefeng, Misereor, Germany and other projects. Sr. Magi and other sisters found it difficult to concentrate on these activities by staying in Ratanpur.

After being faced with various difficulties in the well functioning of the project, the sisters approached the authorities for the construction of a convent near the office. Permission was granted by the provincial council of Sr. Regis and foundation stone was laid on 10th February1998. On 28th July 1998, the CEROWC office was blessed and sisters started to stay there. The new convent building was blessed on 26th march 1999 by His Grace Dr. Pascal Topno.

In December 2001 CEROWC completed ten years of its commitment for a happy and peaceful life of the rural poor through various activities such as Literacy, Health, Infra-structural and Economic Development and peoples organisation. Those who are genuinely interested in systematic social service visit this centre for clearing their doubts and acquiring more knowledge. It has been used as a resource centre by the researchers of the various universities. It is a well known training centre for the beginners. In Recognition of the meritorious work which the Institution has been doing, the M.P. Government appointed Sr. Magi Maria, the Directress as the Team Core Member of Women welfare Board in M.P.

The organization conducts self employment programmes in 22 villages. Besides the Misereor, The Bilance Netherland, Manos Unidas, Spain, Ford Foundation ,U.S.A., IGSSS, N.Delhi, Helpage India,Ceva,Gaziabad , World education ect, collaborate their activities with the CEROWC.

Dibiyapur is situated about eighty kms. away from Etawah. While Fr. Issac Kochupura was the administrator of St. Marys School, Etawah, he used to go to Dibiyapur to see the well being of the Malayalees there and he used to offer mass for the Catholics. During those visits he happened to meet some of the senior officers of the N.T.P.C. who requested father to consider the needs of the people to have a school for their children. Besides, the Catholics working in the N.T.P.C had no facility to attend for their spiritual needs. Understanding all these problems since 1988 our, Sisters and priests from Etawah used to go to Dibiyapur on every Sunday to offer Mass for them. Then the gathering was done in some Malayalee families. After a careful study of the situation and the felt need of the people Rev. Fathers Kuruvilla Kokkatt and Issac took initiative and got the land for the school. Two Quarters, one for the sisters and another for the School were given by the Factory. Sr. Vianney , the then Regional Superior, sent the first batch of sisters from Bhopal on 6th July1989. They were Sr. Diana (Superior) Sr. Boniface (H.M ), Sr. Lyza and Sr. Ance. It was an inspiration for the people to see sisters being with them facing the problems such as new culture, extreme climate etc. Sisters go for house visit and make themselves available for all the parish activities. Now the school, up-graded, not only caters to the need of the N.T.P.C children but also those in the neighboring places.

Ever since the Vat. II, the Hierarchy of India has felt the need for a collaborative move by the Diocese of Latin and Oriental rites for the evangelization of the North India. It was further expounded in the Calcutta meeting of the C.B.C.I. held in January 1974 and it was felt that Priests, Brothers, Sisters and others from diocese, that are rich in vocations specially in the souls, should be invited to work in diocese where there is a dearth of personnel.

The Archdiocese of Agra which is the mother of all the dioceses in North India, had been divided many times over the years and yet remained big with immense population and extensive territory. With the then existing personnel and resources it had not been possible to do full justice to the task entrusted to her. Thus the then Archbishop of Agra Rt. Rev. Dr. Dominic Athaide (O.FM.) Cap. wrote to His Grace (Late) Mar Antony Padiyara the then Archbishop of Changanacherry and requested him to send a group of Priests and sisters to work in his diocese.

Accepting the proposal the Archbishop contacted the major Superiors and requested them to send a few sisters to Etawah mission. The first batch of sisters along with the priests thus reached on30th June1975. When they came, there was a primary school run by the S.M.A. Sisters and it was agreed that this school would be handed over to the Arch diocese of Changanacherry .Accordingly, St. Marys School at Etawah became the first educational institution of the Mission and the C.M.C. Sisters started to serve the mission. Sisters have been staying in an old building with minimum conveniences. At present, the Institution is an inter college and our sisters render help in all the possible ways.

It was the most cherished dream of Mount Carmel Province to have a separate house for formation. The Regional Council unanimously decided to have it in the Syro-Malabar diocese at Ujjain. With this view our sisters visited many places in Ujjain. In March 1995 Rev. Fr. Antony Thundathil (M.S.T.) introduced the present plot of land lying behind the Ruhalaya seminary at Kamed. There were several problems in purchasing this land. Sr. Roslet the then Superior of St. Pauls Convent Ujjain took up the responsibility of the registration of the land. Mr.Gopal, the owner of the land wished to sell the plot. When asked , he refused to sign the document. However, the will of God was made very clear that we should buy that plot to build our formation house. Finally, owing to continuous prayer and the sincere efforts of Sr. Roslet and the community of St. Pauls the registration was done.

Meanwhile, the region was raised to the status of a Vice-Province. The work relating to fencing and diversion were started within a few days. The foundation stone for the Formation house was laid at Kamed on 3rd January 1997 by Sr. Ancilla , the Vice Provincial Superior in the presence of Mar John Perumattom , the Bishop of Ujjain, Rev. Fathers of Ruhalaya Seminary, our sisters and a large number of local people. Every one who involved in the transaction and the diversion of the land firmly believed that the land was bought through the intercession of the Mother of Carmel, the Patroness of the Province. So, it was decided to name the house as the Carmel Dham. We owe a great debt of gratitude to Rev. Fathers of the Ruhalaya Seminary and in a very special way to Rev.Frs. Antony Thundathil and Sebastian Thekkeyattom( M.S.T). who helped us in the construction and designed the chapel according to the rule of the Syro-Malabar Liturgy. On 3rd December 1998, the ground floor of the formation house was blessed by Mar Sebastian Vadakel, the Bishop of Ujjain. A part of the expenses of the chapel was sponsored by the Kattumana Family of Mother Regis (Provincial uperior) and Sr. Emily in the memory of their Brother (Late) Archbishop Abraham Kattumana. Our bouquet of thanks to all who extended a helping hand to materialise our dream of having a Formation house. 

In the initial stage, Sr. Roslet, staying at St.Pauls Convent was looking after the construction. Later on, Sr. Celestine came to help her. On 5th May 1996 Sr. Ancit replaced Sr. Celestine . In the meantime, Sr. Elsitta took initiative to prepare a project requesting financial help from the Missio. It was due to their generous help that the work progressed well.

As the building was constructed on pillars, the cellars thus formed are being used for multipurpose. After the construction, Carmel Dham formation house was blessed on 13th February 2000 by Dr. Sebastian Vadakel, the Bishop of Ujjain. The newly formed community members were Sr. Emily (Superior), Sr. Carmela (Formation in-charge), Sr.Ancit, Sr. Rose Tom (H.M.)Sr.Dhanya ( Hindi Medium H.M, Bandka). Sr. Soumya, Sr. Suchitha and the aspirants. From the very beginning, Rev. Fathers from The Ruhalaya Seminary help the sisters in spiritual matters. The liturgy of the Syro-Malabar rite has been following in our formation house. The sisters along with the candidates undertake social work in the nearby villages with a view to educating the children and empowering the women

Carmel School, KAMED-1997
In order to cater to the need of the local people, an English medium school was started in a rented house in Ujjain under the initiative of Mother Regis the Provincial. Sr. Christin, the first Headmistress, laboured much for this first venture under our management. The School named as Carmel School functioned there for about two years and on 2nd January 1999 got shifted to Kamed in the cellars under the Formation House. 

In the year 1970 a team of sisters consisting of Mother Rose Mary, Sr. Seraphia, Sr. Grace Mary, Sr. Ann, Sr. Leenus and Sr. Alice Maria from Changanacherry arrived at Cuttack in Orissa. It was the Tobar Bishop who invited them to take charge of the Janatha Hospital at Olatpur village. However, due to certain reasons the sisters found it difficult to continue their mission in cuttack. On getting this news, Mother Petty Tresa, the Provincial Superior(Chy) along with Mother Benicasia, the then Asst. Provincial reached Cuttack to inquire in to the situation. They discussed the matter with the Archbishop Henry DSouza and got ready to take the sisters back. On their way, they visited our sisters at Balasore also. During their visit to Monsgr.Vadakkeveettil, he encouraged the sisters to stay back in his mission centre. Thus the sisters who were burning with the fire of missionary zeal were given a new field of work in Kusidia. It was on 20th February1975 that Sr. Seraphia , Grace Mary, Alice Maria and Sr. Joslet were taken to Kusidia by the Monsignor to show them the place of their future service. The joy of our young missionaries to work for the kingdom knew no bounds. As there was no residence they were directed to stay along with the community at Balasore. Meanwhile, construction of the Dispensary to which the pioneers shifted on 19th March, was started. Rev. Fr. Jacob Kallupurackal, staying in a hut made of mud and hay, boosted the spirit of the sisters. All of them followed a very simple life style.

On 1st may 1975 Sr. Annie Louis and Sr. Shiny joined the Kusidia community. Attached to the convent there has been an Adivasi Hostel in which hundreds of girls stayed under the formation of the sisters. Hostel for girls meant for the holistic development of the young women and children. Sisters well qualified and experienced, have been working there with commendable enthusiasms. Special mention may be made of Sr. Annie Louis who for a long time served the poorest of the poor people in Kusidia. In 1979 Sr. Dona (late) came to the community. During her time the social work of the sisters was extended to more villages. In 1986 Sr. Celestine joined the group. From 1992 onwards with a view of attaining more development among women, more novel methods such as Safe mother and child service, cent percent immunization, credit union, integrated development programme etc. were spread to more than thirty five villages. As a result, the entire face of Kusidia has been changed. The number of Christians also has been increasing day by day. 

Jaya Matha Hospital is another institution attached to the convent. Sisters in addition to their work in the hospital, conduct mobile clinic. In 2000 the Orissa mission celebrated its silver jubilee and it was an occasion for all those who are related to the missionary work to thank God for His wonderful works manifested through the humble labour of His children. 

In 1980, about one and a half months after our assuming charge of St. Pauls Convent at Ujjain from the C.M.C. Pala province , Mar John Perumattom gave permission to our sisters of the Holy Queens Province, Changanacherry to do service in the Malikhedi mission under the diocese. As a result, the sisters from Pala went back to Kerala. Malikhedy is a village situated about 80 from Ujjain city. To begin with, the community of St. Pauls took care of this station which gave a lot of opportunities for village upliftment and evangelization. The sisters were very much enthusiastic to put in to practice the Synaxis message, option for the poor. It was Rev. Fr. Aykkara M.S.T., the Director of the Station who took charge of the construction of the convent. In the initial stage, the sisters from St. Pauls used to go to Malikhedi on every week end, stayed there for village activities such as evangelization and medical treatment and returned after a few days. For want of a proper road, buses were not running through this route. Consequently, sisters had to walk about 6.Kms. from Ujjain to Malikhedi. Having the sisters permanently staying in their remote area the villagers were very much excited and requested them to help them. On account of the frequent contact with the villagers the sisters realized their felt-need and started a school for their children. Thus our apostolic activities were begun with much fervor. Soon several fields such as education, medical, Health etc. in addition to Christian formation were taken up.

At Present, our sisters are working in a Hindi Medium High School as well as in a dispensary. A Hostel for the Adivasi girls is also started for the formation and Holistic development of girl children. Thanks to the missionary zeal of the sisters and Rev. Fathers, a lot of improvement has been taking place in Malikhedi, especially in the field of education of girls. It has been a revolutionary step on the part of the parents to recognize the need of the literacy of their daughters. Even now, the poor people are deprived of some of the necessities such as, drinking water, proper roads etc. Sisters walk kilometers to go to the other mission stations, for house visiting and to conduct medical camps, orientation classes, non-formal and adult education as well as prayer meetings

At the request of the Archbishop Pascal Topno, our sisters agreed to render service in one of the mission stations of the Archdiocese of Bhopal. The Archbishop approached Mother Regis, the provincial, to take up Nasrullaganj station which is a remote village in the district of Sehore comprising of 8 Christian families and many other Hindu and Muslim families. It is about 90 kms. from Bhopal. The Provincial council visited the place on 6th October 1998 to learn the possibilities to begin our apostolic activities.

Rev. Fr. George Jacob started the missionary activities in this village in 1996. Since then local people have been requesting the Archdiocese to open an English Medium school. The Archdiocese had a plan to open a Hindi Medium school. But the people of the locality requested for an English Medium School. The Archbishop paid heed the demand of the people and the construction of the school also started.

Being convinced of the need of the villagers, the provincial council accepted the request of the Archbishop to render service at Nasrullaganj station. On 16th June 1999 , in the presence of Rev. Fathers , sisters, well wishers and the members of the Christian families, the blessing of the Prem Dham convent was done by the Archbishop. The sisters were given a temporary building for their stay. Sr. Licy was appointed the first superior of the convent. Sr. Maria Cruz and Sr. Deepti were the community members and they also taught in the school named as Deva Matha Vidya Mandir

Carmel Convent, Bhopal, the Mother House of the Region situates on the lease land of the B.H.E.L. Now and then our sisters received letters from the Town planning office regarding hikes in the land rent. This situation opened the eyes of the superiors. They naturally thought to buy some land as early as possible and construct a convent to have full freedom for social up-liftment and women empowerment. More over, our sisters in the first school were finding it difficult to satisfy the needs of all the parents who desired to send their children only to our school. It was when Mother Pius (Chy) took charge as the Regional Superior of Mount Carmel Region that attempts were made to start a new mission centre in Ratanpur village in Deepdi Panjayat about twenty kms. from Carmel B.H.E.L. Sisters were particular that the next convent should not be in the city but in the vicinity of the village so that the poor villagers shall get a chance to educate their children in our school.

Carmel School, Ratanpur was started in a rented building on 3rd July 1988. It was owned by Mr.Prem Sing who stayed at Misroad. Sr. Christin, Sr. Anitha (Head mistress) and Sr. Ancit went from Carmel B.H.E.L community to run the school. The sisters were in search of some land for the construction of the convent and the school. They started special prayers. After a few months, the Lord showed 6 and a half acres of land close to the Highway. That plot belonged to Mr. Murgith Sing was bought. Sr. Carmela replaced Sr. Anitha as the H.M. The number of students increased year by year. Sr. Vianney (Chy) replaced Sr.Pius as the Regional Superior. The construction of the school commenced. The school, for 2 and a half years functioned in the rented house. Finally, when the construction got over, it was shifted to our own building blessed by the Archbishop Eugene D Souza on 5th Sept. 1990. The sisters showed strong desire to involve in village activities. Therefore a permanent residence at Ratanpur was necessary. It was under this situation that Sr.Vianney the Provincial superior (Chy) entrusted the responsibility of the construction to Sr. Gladys, the then Regional Superior. On June 22nd 1991, the second C.M.C convent was blessed by the Archbishop of Bhopal. Sr. Dennis (late) was appointed as the first superior of the convent. Sr. Elsitta (H.M), Sr. Magi Maria, Sr. Anitha and Sr. Suma were the other members. The Carmel convent Ratanpur, at present, is rendering meritorious service to the society through a Senior Secondary School and a Hindi Medium Primary school. The Sacred heart parish is close by and the sisters do all the needful services for the parish and for the villagers.

(Holiday Home and the Recruiting Centre) It was the decision of the General Synaxis of the year that each Mission in the North should have a separate recruiting centre in Kerala for the promotion of vocation. There fore, Mount Carmel Region also thought about it seriously. After having consulted Mother Vianney, the then Provincial of Changanacherry, the sisters started searching for a convenient place. At that time Mrs. Aleykutty Kandankary, the aunt of the Mother Vianney, showed her willingness to donate her house at Vazhappally at Changanacherry a walkable distance from Holy Queens Provincialate. On 21st January 1991 an agreement was made between the two parties and a plot of thirty and a half cents of land together with her house was handed over to our sisters. Mar Joseph Powathil, the Archbishop of Changanacherry, gave them permission for the above transaction. The House was blessed on 9th February by Rev. Fr. Mathew Mattathil, the V.G. The house was named as Carmel Sadan . The pioneer members of the community were Sr. Crucifix (Superior), Sr. Ursula, Sr. Peter and Sr. Leonard. Very cordial relations existed between Mrs. Aleykutty and the sisters.

After three years of our occupation of the house, the owner , whom sisters called Mummy affectionately, informed the sisters that her children did not sign the original agreement so, the house was to be returned to her as early as possible. In that situation, the sisters under the leadership of Sr. Gladys, the then Vice-Provincial Superior, began to search for another plot of land. Finally on 25th May the sisters bought a newly built house with one acre of land costing Rs. 25 lakhs from Mr. Mathachan Vattathundathil. It is close to the Carithas Hospital Kottayam. Rev. Fathers Zacharia Kanjooparampil (Parish Priest), Joseph Kannampally ( Former Parish Priest), Mr. Mammachan, brother of Sr. Tresa Jose etc. helped the sisters in the transaction. The new house was blessed on 31st may1995 and the name Carmel Sadan continued for that Holiday home and Recruiting House.

An association called Chavara Sauhruda Vediwas started by the inmates in order to enrich the neighboring families especially the women and children for the faith formation and catechism. Besides our sisters, specialized in various social and theological branches of studies, Rev. Fathers, also handled orientation classes on every second Saturday for the public. At present it is a centre for charismatic prayer meeting and vocation promotion. Sisters actively involve in parish works. The Carmel Sadan community which is a connecting link between the sisters in the north and their families render great service as a Holiday home of the sisters.

Do a little more than you are paid to ; give a little more than you have to; try a little harder than you want to; aim a little higher than you think possible.

Every dream has a reality either soon or later. It was the cherished dream of Mount Carmel Province to work in the field of HIV/ AIDS infected and affected people. Sr. Assumpta, the previous Provincial Superior along with her councilors expressed their readiness and desire to serve the children suffering from HIV/AIDS to the Bishop of Ujjain. And the Bishop was so much concerned about it and pondered over their request and waited for the day to come. Out of Gods abundant mercy this dream became a reality on 24th June 2010. Yes, it was an ever memorable day in the history of Mt. Carmel Province, Bhopal. Most Rev. Bishop Mar Sebastian Vadakel requested the present Provincial Superior Sr. Jessy Maria and her council to take up this new mission as the extension of Saathi at Besera near to St. Paul School. After discussing the matter in the Provincial Synaxis, Provincial Superior signed in the agreement and appointed Sr. Rosy as the Superior and Sr. Ancit & Sr. Therese as the community members.

The sisters, with enormous joy and enthusiasm accepted this call as a challenge to the present Scenario. Besera is a small two storied old building of the Diocese. Since the maintenance work was not yet over the first floor was blessed on 24th June 2010 by Most Rev. Bishop Mar Sebastian Vadakel . On the very same day sisters started to stay in the first floor.

Our inmates Darbar and his brother, Dinesh, Shubham and his brother Vijay are from Shajapur Dist. Harh from Dewas Dist. And Yash from Indore joined on 1st July 2010. All the six of them are suffering from HIV and on ART (Accute Respiratory Tract infection) except Dinesh. All of them lost their both parents due to this same disease. At present they are the regular students of St.Pauls Hindi Medium school, Ujjain. The diocese has already purchased a plot for this purpose therefore we hope that the Almighty God will tenderly take care of this mission for His glory and will spread its branches around. 

In response to the invitation of His. Excellency Rt. Rev. Dr. John Perumattom, Bishop of Ujjain, the C.M.C. Sisters from Pala came to Ujjain and started their apostolic work in school at Makodi- am in Agar Road. Since there was no residence for the pioneer sisters to stay they were given accommodation in Pushpa Convent and school started in a rented building on17th June 1978 under the management of the M.S.T. Fathers at Ujjain. Sr. Mary Grace was the First Principal. A separate house was repaired and blessed later on 23rd and the sisters shifted from Pushpa to that house. This is the humble beginning of the C.M.C. missionary work at Ujjain. The selfless service of the Rev. Fathers and Sisters of Pushpa Convent at the initial stage of our mission can never be forgotten.

Later this institution was handed over to Changanacherry Holy Queens Province on 23rd June 1980 according to our General chapter decision of 1980. As a result Sr. Christin (Superior) and Sr. Crucifix (Principal) arrived at Ujjain on 22nd June 1980 along with Mother Provincial Mary Angel , Councillor Sr. Sales and a few sisters from Bhopal and the sisters from Pala retuned to Kerala

Here our sisters concentrate more in all-round development of the children through English and Hindi Medium Schools run by the Bishop of Ujjain. Sisters visit houses and hospitals and thereby try to have a holistic approach to all the people of the locality. Sisters involve with deep interest in the projects for social upliftment and women empowerment.

The Provincial superior, Sr. Sancta (Chy) made a visit to the States to meet her sisters working in Texas under Tyler diocese. She also had a chance to talk to Bishop Willam Friend, the Bishop of Shreveport Diocese. He invited our sisters to work in his School at Monroe. According to a general understanding formed in the congregation regarding the ownership of houses in foreign countries, that house was given to the Bhopal province. On the arrival of our sisters, Rev. Fr. Kennedy , the Parish priest, helped them a lot and the parishioners accorded them a very cordial welcome. Sr. Vandana (Medical apostolate) and Srs. Reji & Rosmy (Teaching apostolate) are working there now along with the sisters from Changanacherry province and Kanyakumary Region. Parishioners appreciate the presence and the selfless service of our sisters very much. They participate actively in all the pastoral works for spiritual formation both in school and in the church. The sisters rendered their service in the dioceses of Shreveport till March 2004.

After the completion of the service in the dioceses of Shreveport our sister got the invitation from Most Rev. Dr. Robert W. Muench, Bishop of the Diocese of Baton Rouge and Rev. Sr. M. Michaeline, O.P, Superintendent of Catholic Schools, Sr. Reji and Sr. Rosmy signed the agreement with the Catholic school office on 30 - 04 2004 to work in that diocese. Meanwhile Sr. Vandana moved to a new place and started working in a hospital run by the Carmelite sisters at Kenosha. 

Sr. Reji, Sr. Rosmy and Sr. Anija (Kanyakumary Region) started staying in the new house named after the Patroness of the parish, St. Elizabeth of Hungary at Paincourtville, L.A. At the end of that academic year Sr. Reji returned from U.S.A. and Sr. Ancilla took the charge of the superior on July 25th 2005. While Sr. Ancilla is engaged in the pastoral care, other sisters work in the school.


It was a unique moment of incredible bliss, when God Almighty in His benevolence deigned to raise Mount Carmel Region, Bhopal to the status of a Vice-Province on 20th October 1995.  Under the promptings of the Holy Spirit, Sr. Ancilla the Vice-Provincial Superior and her team of Councilors Sr. Regis, Sr. Bridget, Sr. Annie Louis and Sr. Asssumpta had been in pursuit of an appropriate location for a provincial house. Meanwhile we came to know that the Archdiocese of Bhopal had intended to buy some land in Kolar from property dealers and builders.  We requested Rev. Fr. Chinnapppan, the then procurator of the Archdiocese of Bhopal to help us to acquire a piece of land in the vicinity.  After sufficient deliberations with the builder Mr. Kamlesh Molwani, we decided to buy two adjacent plots in his housing complex at Kolar.  At this juncture we were informed that there was another piece of land for sale in Chichili Bairagarh Kolar Road.

On the enquiring the Provincial Council Sr. Pushpa the then Provincial treasurer and Sr. Pavithra the then Secretary came to know that the land belonged to Mr. Gyanchandran Kanayalal.  We purchased 8 acres of land from him for the Provincial house and for the Hindi Medium School on November 1997. After registration the land was given on lease for cultivation till 2000.  Thereafter Provincial Superior Sr. Regis and Sr. Lyza the then provincial treasurer sought the possibility of cultivating soyabean and wheat by ourselves.  We appointed Mr. Nobor Toppo as watchman and his family was allowed to stay in the thatched house in our land.  As he is a good farmer, he was entrusted with the work of agriculture.  Although Sr. Assumpta the provincial superior and her team with Sr. Merly, the then provincial treasurer arranged for the laying of the foundation stone for a convent by Rev. Fr. Solomon, the then parish priest on 23rd November 2008 on the feast of the Christ the King they could not proceed with the work on account of some unwanted land dispute.  The issue was soon settled through the powerful intervention of the Divine mercy of God.  A tube well was drilled with the support of Bro. Gonzalo MMB on 14th November 2008. 

When Sr. Jessy Maria was elected the Provincial Superior in December 2009, her team was enthusiastic about construction  of  a home for the elderly and sick sisters of our Province and an HIV rehabilitation centre in the premises. A boundary wall was erected and  the construction of the convent building resumed 13th May 2011.  Archbishop Emeritus Pascal Topno laid the foundation stone in the presence of Fr. Philip K.P. the director of Divine Retreat Centre, Kolar, Fr. Lancy, the Parish Priest, Mr. Khan architect, Mr. Fazal, contractor, Mr. Ratho, architect from Bhuwaneshwar, the Provincial Team and sisters.  The work of the HIV rehabilitation centre was also followed shortly.

As the construction of the convent building was almost completed under the direction and supervision of Rev. Fr. Sebastian Thekkeyattom MST, and the superior General Mother Sancta was present at Bhopal for local superiors course at Chavara Sadan it was decided to arrange for the blessing of the building.  His Grace Most Rev. Dr. Leo Cornelio, Archbishop of Bhopal blessed the convent on 20th November 2012.  On this ospecious occasion, our superior General Mother Sancta the local superior of  our communities, sisters of our communities in Bhopal, Fr. Lancy the parish priest, Fr. Sebastian Thekkeyattam, Fr. Ronald, Fr. Philip, Mr. Khan architect, Mr. Fazal Contractor and a few well wishers were present.

In the Provincial Synaxis held in December 2012 Mother Noel was elected Provincial Superior.  In the second session of the synaxis it was decided to open a palliative care center in view of the HIV Rehabilitation centre as the Kolar area was now thickly populated with a number of housing complexes, educational institutions and welfare centre and hence no HIV affected people could be housed in our centre.The synaxis members unanimously supported the idea of for a palliative care centre as we have two sisters, Sr. Smitha and Sr. Sajeeva who had attended a certificate course in Palliative Nursing at Medical College, Kozhikkode.  Sr. Vinaya, the Provincial Councillor for healing ministry was appointed as the Directress of Chavara Palliative Care Centre.

It was a unique occasion of dual celebration when we organize a grand function to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Sr. Modesta, and the blessing of the convent Chapel and the palliative care centre on 23rd April 2014.  Archbishop Most Rev. Dr. Leo Cornelio was the main celebrant for the blessing and the Jubilee Eucharistic celebration.  There were many fathers, sisters, well-wishers and friends to share our joy. Fr. Belthazar and Fr. Vikranth from Balasore diocese, Fr. Shaji Ezhikad and Fr. Raju Koippilly from Etawah mission and Fr. Varghese Kumbluveli from Khandwa, Sr. Modesta‚Äôs uncle, her nephew priest, and her cousin religious sister also were present for the solemn celebration. Sr. Ancilla the Provincial Councillor was the M.C., Sr.Pavithra, the Provincial Councillor, Fr. Varghese, Fr. Belthazar and Fr. Vikrant felicitated Sr.Modesta.  Fr. Sebastian Thekkeyattom was specially honoured for his untiring and selfless service in directing and supervising the work all throughout the construction.  Mr. Khan, the architector, Mr. Fazal the Contractor, Mr. Victor for daily attending on all the needs and supervising both for construction and the cultivation of the land, Mr. Vimal carpenter, Mr. Mathew electrician, Mr. Nabore Watchman were acknowledged for their valuable contribution by the Provincial Superior Mother Noel.  Sr. Modesta proposed the vote of thanks.

It was decided that Villa Carmel will be an annexure of Mount Carmel Provincialate. Since there was some pending works still going on, no community was formed immediately. At the end of May 2014 Provincial Council made arrangement to have some sisters in this newly founded convent and to supervise the finishing works going on in the house. Gradually the first community members of Villa Carmel, Sr. Soona (Superior), Sr. Vinaya (Pro. Councillor), Sr. Emily, Sr. Maria Cruz, Sr. Christin and Sr. Smitha reached and did the preliminary works of the new ministry adopted by our Province.


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